What is actually a watch winder?


It’s an innovative device used to keep automatic watches running when they are not worn or if user has collection of watches. When your watch is being worn, the pendulum inside watch swings and winds up spring inside mechanism. However, when you don’t wear your watch, there is no power to keep the watch running. As it is inconvenient, the concept of an automatic winder was born.


How does a watch winder work?


It works in the principle of winding using a moving pendulum inside the watch. A winder holds your watches and moves in a circular set up so that the self-winding mechanism can operate. 


How to set a watch winder?


In the long term, using a watch winder prevents you against a time-consuming and expensive factory overhaul of your watch. Once you understand how the winder works, you make it a regular part of your routine. Setting up your watch winder is a snap: once you carefully place your watch in the winder and make sure it’s fully seated, adjust TPD and direction of winding according to requirements of watches manufactures. Please remember to check the right settings for watch winder when it comes to model of watch - each manufacturer of watches has specific requirements for winding each model of  watches. You can find these informations on our website --> winding spec or on websites of watch manufacturers.



How can my watch winder prolong the life of my watch?


When your watch stops (or slows down), the lubricating oil inside will stay in one place. It creates clumps and loses a proper viscosity level. Some parts of the watch may not be oiled enough anymore, even when the movement is back. A watch winder makes it impossible to lose the proper level of viscosity.